12Go Affiliate Offer

Get up to 50% of our profit and earn ~$2.92 from each booking made on your website by your visitors – just spend 10 minutes setting up the search form.

Do you have a website, blog or popular social media page related to tourism in Southeast Asia? Even if you are already earning money by selling flights or hotels – your visitors still need a transfer to get to the airport, train ticket to save the night in the hotel or bus ticket without going to the bus station in the city they don't know well.

Offer them flights, bus, train, ferry tickets, transfers and other travel-related services in 8 countries of Southeast Asia (see our coverage here) and get extra earnings!

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Who can become our partner?

  • Travel websites and blogs
  • Owners of social media communities
  • SEO-specialists
  • Online travel agencies
  • Travel agents and everybody who wants to earn on selling tickets online

If you want to sell our tickets offline, please visit our Reseller Page

How does it work?

  • Put our mobile compatible tools on your website to make your visitors able to search for and book tickets, hotels, and other (almost any!) tourist services.
  • When your visitor books at 12Go via your affiliate link → you get commission
  • When you book for your customer at 12Go via your affiliate link → you get commission
  • When your visitor books at 12Go within a month’s time → you get commission
  • Once your visitor arrives safely at their destination, your affiliate commission will be applied to your “ready to payout” account.

Payment of Commissions

See your commission at your analytics page. You will get up to 50% of our commission, depending on operator, travel dates, departure time, currencies and transaction amount.

The average affiliate reward is ~$2.92 per booking. ~6.8% of visitors who see the search form on partner website make a search and ~8.1% of these visitors book a ticket.

1000 form views
6.8% 68 Searches
8.1% 5.5 Bookings
$16.06with $2.92 average commission

So if you have 10,000 visitors who see our search form, you can get $161.

Conversion rate depends on your traffic relevance, the content of the page, how you present and how you integrate the form, so there is a lot of things to improve and earn even more.

How are bookings counted?

After registration, you will get your unique partner’s ID. Once a visitor has followed your tracking link, we save your ID code into the cookies of visitor’s web browser and keep them for 30 days.

In case this customer books a ticket on 12go.asia within a month, you’ll get the reward.

How are payouts made?

To make payouts, we use Paypal. You can check your balance in real time in your Statistics. Once you have 300 baht (less than $10) accumulated on your account you can request a payout. Payouts are semi-automatic at first and get automatic after a few payouts made.

Why 12go.asia?

  • The fullest coverage in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Philippines.
  • Instruments: from easy to integrate tools like deep-links to complex API solution
  • Dedicated IT and support team for Affiliates
  • No bureaucracy: you are ready to start after registration

How to start?

  • Press the button below
  • Get login and password sent to your e-mail
  • Integrate the search form or any other tool, which suits you the best
  • Make the form visible, stimulate your visitors to make bookings and earn

Forbidden types of traffic:

  • SEM: contextual advertising to 12go.asia website and use of 12Go trademark, including similar names & synonyms (onetwogo, one2go, etc.). Contextual non-brand related advertising to White Label is allowed
  • Adult and explicit content websites
  • Social Media: creating pages with 12Go branding and advertising with 12Go brand, including similar names
  • Doorway pages
  • Click under
  • Pop under
  • Motivated traffic. Exception: Advertising 12Go affiliate program where you are referral and promoting affiliate commission as a cashback to end-user.
  • Spam
  • Email newsletters branded as an "Official 12Go Asia" or similar
  • Re-marketing campaigns leading to 12Go website or subdomains, re-marketing to white-label without 12Go branding is allowed.
  • Cashbacks or discounts/promo codes. Exception: Advertising 12Go affiliate program where you are referral and promoting affiliate commission as a cashback to end-user.
  • Iframe
  • Typein
  • Video advertising. Exception: advertising white-label and leading users there.

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Our partners already:

  • Google Maps
  • Qunar
  • Amadeus GDS
  • rome2rio.com
  • seat61.com

...and many more


We paid to date $889,694
Average commission (order value) ~4.6%
Average affiliate reward $2.92
Searches to orders ~8.1%
PostClick cookie 30 days


Search form – most popular tool (you can pre-fill “from” and “to” to fit your pages)

Timetable – useful for bloggers, valuable content for your website

Affiliate deep links – can be used even if you do not own a website

API – if your traffic is significant, you can integrate as OTA

Wordpress and Joomla plugins – easy integration to Wordpress/Joomla websites

White label – keep your visitors on your website

12Go About page